Zeppelin Power Systems is the official partner for the Optimarin ballast water treatment system. We provide the complete planning and implementation through to turnkey solutions, as well as extensive after-sales service throughout the world.


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Optimarin BWTS Chosen for USCG OPC Program at Eastern Shipbuilding
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DESS Aquaculture chooses Optimarin for newbuild wellboats
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Optimarin says BWT market is accelerating as system orders and revenues rocket
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Zeppelin Power Systems provides Ahrenkiel Steamship's AS Laguna with Optimarin ballast water treatment system
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Optimarin shakes up BWT sector with unique promise for shipowners
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Optimarin BWTS Chosen for USCG OPC Program at Eastern Shipbuilding
The agreement with ESG will see the Optimarin Ballast Systems (OBS) fitted in the new OPCs, designed to support the nation's maritime security and undertake vital border protection duties. Equipped to carry helicopters, Over‐the‐Horizon (OTH) boats and featuring sophisticated combat systems, these vessels will begin replacing the existing Medium Endurance Cutters in 2021. “This is a banner day for Optimarin,” comments company CEO Tore Andersen. “The USCG is a flag‐bearer in the fight against invasive species carried in ballast water and sets the bar for BWT regulations globally. ESG selecting the OBS positions us at the forefront of the industry and is a huge endorsement of the effectiveness and proven reliability of our technology.” When Optimarin became the first BWT supplier to gain USCG Type Approval* in December 2016, Commanding Officer John Mauger of USCG’s Marine Safety Center (MSC) described the event as “an important milestone for the future of protecting our nation’s waterways from the spread of invasive species.” The OBS utilizes a combination of filtration and powerful UV lamps to treat ballast water without the need for chemicals. The systems are simple to operate, maintain and due to their modular design can be fitted in vessels where available space is at a premium. Andersen notes: “To date, we’ve sold close to 600 units with over 400 installed and operating.” More than 150 OBS have been retrofitted by Optimarin’s global engineering partners and in 2017 Optimarin introduced a fiveyear fleet agreement for parts and service guarantees. “Optimarin has been solely dedicated to Ballast Water Treatment since 1994, having installed the world’s first commercial system in 2000. Eastern Shipbuilding Group and the USCG recognize that kind of expertise as well as commitment, and we’re delighted to be a part of their long‐term plans for the future.”

DESS Aquaculture chooses Optimarin for newbuild wellboats
The four ships, two of which are due for delivery in 2019, with their sister vessels following in 2020, are currently under construction at Sefine shipyard in Turkey. Each 82.25m, SALT Design vessel will have two holds for transporting live fish, with 500m3 ballast tanks, accommodation for 12 crew members and diesel electric propulsion. Once completed they will push DESS’s specialist fleet up to ten vessels. “This is an excellent contract to sign with an ambitious shipowner and operator that, although only launched in 2016, is making significant waves within its niche segment,” comments Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen. “It provides a clear indication that Optimarin is now a preferred supplier for forward thinking companies that are focused on environmentally responsible operations, with market proven, established and, thanks to our full USCG and IMO approval, 100% worldwide compliant technology.
“These highly specialised vessels are designed with optimal performance and fish welfare in mind, so space on‐board is of a premium. The modular nature of our powerful UV system makes it the perfect fit, while its simple technology, with no moving parts and easy maintenance, ensures it will provide problem free operations for these busy crews and ships. As a company we see huge growth potential in the aquaculture segment, so we’re happy to sign this agreement with such a respected, high profile player.” DESS has secured long‐term contracts for all the newbuilds, commencing with immediate effect upon leaving the yard. On the decision to choose Optimarin, Kjetil Løseth, DESS Aquaculture Shipping Commercial Director, notes: “DESS and its owners are focused on providing high quality services to clients, with high quality vessels, at attractive prices. We therefore require the best, most reliable and compliant equipment to ensure optimal performance and vessel utilization. “Optimarin BWT systems tick all those boxes, while fulfilling our desire to operate with environmental responsibility to the fore. We look forwards to putting the vessels into service on schedule and continuing to build our position in this exciting shipping segment.”

Optimarin says BWT market is accelerating as system orders and revenues rocket
“2017 was our best ever year in business, so we honestly didn’t expect to outperform last year’s figures so comprehensively,” states Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen. “The fact that we’ve done so demonstrates not only the market’s faith in our proven UV technology, compliance and business stability, but also that shipowners and operators are now being galvanized into action by the ratification of IMO’s Ballast Water Management convention and the need to conform. “This is excellent news for the environment and a positive development for those of us in the BWT sector that have invested many millions of dollars in testing, certifying and bringing our systems to market. As the first company to install a commercial system (18 years ago now), the first to receive USCG approval and the first to offer a five year parts and servicing guarantee for framework agreements, it’s gratifying to see that the firm foundations we’ve laid down can now really be built upon.” Optimarin sold more than 60 OBS last year and has already signed contracts in 2018 to supply another 50. Recent agreements span a diverse array of shipping segments and owners, with orders from respected companies such as Besiktas Shipping, Eureka Shipping, Solvang, Koyo Kaiun and Ahrenkiel. “Owners around the world are aware they are under pressure to act on this major environmental issue,” comments Andersen. “So they’re assessing suppliers to see which systems are market proven, simple, effective and easy to install on both newbuilds and retrofits. This may be a relatively new regulation, but our customers want established solutions they know they can rely on. Without that they can’t trade. It pays to make the right decision and then move on it to avoid potential bottlenecks. That is exactly what we’re seeing now at Optimarin.” The firm has also consolidated its leadership in the retrofit race, with around 140 OBS now installed. Global engineering partners Goltens and Zeppelin account for the majority of these projects, but the simplicity of the technology also means that crews have been able to install systems while vessels are undertaking normal operations. Concluding, Andersen notes: “We expect the market to continue accelerating and are looking to sign more framework agreements in the immediate future. The company is solid, with positive equity of approximately 50% and a stable group of investors, and focused on exploiting what we see as the huge growth potential moving forwards. We now expect 2018 to be our new ‘best ever year in business’.” Current Optimarin customers include The Royal Netherlands Navy, Seatruck, Saga Shipholding, Technip, GulfMark, MOL, Solstad Farstad, and Hapag Lloyd, amongst others. OBS is fully approved by both IMO and USCG, with certification through DNV GL, Lloyd’s, RINA, Bureau Veritas, MLIT Japan, and American Bureau of Shipping.

Zeppelin Power Systems provides Ahrenkiel Steamship's AS Laguna with Optimarin ballast water treatment system
Die Geschäftseinheit Power Systems des Zeppelin Konzerns erhält erneut einen Auftrag von Ahrenkiel Steamship für ein Optimarin Ballastwasserbehandlungssystem (OBS). Die bestellte Anlage OBS 334-370 BK hat eine Kapazität von maximal 334m³/h und wird im Februar 2018, sechs Wochen nach Vertragsabschluss, auf der AS Laguna installiert. Das Containerschiff ist weltweit im Einsatz und fasst 966 TEU. Zeppelin Power Systems ist offizieller Partner von Optimarin und hat im Jahr 2017 bereits drei Schiffe von Ahrenkiel Steamship mit Ballastwasserbehandlungssystemen ausgestattet. Die Käufe haben sich bewährt: „Wir haben sehr gute Erfahrungen in der Zusammenarbeit mit Zeppelin Power Systems gemacht und sind mit den bereits installierten Anlagen sehr zufrieden“, sagt Wolfgang A. Kempke, Head of Department Drydocking & Projects bei Ahrenkiel Steamship. „Vor allem das Kosten-Nutzen-Verhältnis sowie die simple Installation und Bedienung sprechen für die Systeme von Optimarin.“ Der Kunde hat sich für eine Turn-Key-Lösung entschieden, welche die vollständige Installation (mechanisch und elektrisch), Dokumentation sowie die Abstimmung mit der Klassifikationsgesellschaft umfasst.
Immer mehr Schifffahrtsunternehmen setzen auf einen nachhaltigen Schiffsbetrieb und fragen bei Zeppelin Power Systems Ballastwasserbehandlungssysteme von Optimarin an. Das norwegische Unternehmen ist als größter Anbieter dieser Anlagen bereits seit dem Jahr 2000 am Markt und hat 2017 den bisher größten Umsatz in der Firmengeschichte erwirtschaftet. Die Systeme entsprechen dem IMO D2-Standard und damit den Anforderungen aller gängigen Marine-Klassifikationsgesellschaften. Die Optimarin Technologie ist zudem die erste ihrer Art, die das Type Approval der United States Coast Guard (USCG) für Ballastwassersysteme erhalten hat. 
Die Anlage filtert das Ballastwasser zuerst und behandelt es im Anschluss effektiv mit nur zwei Mitteldruck-UV-Lampen mit einem breiten Leistungsspektrum. Die Behandlung funktioniert zuverlässig ohne den Einsatz von Chemikalien und Bioziden und trägt damit zum Schutz des Ökosystems bei. Durch hohe Oberflächentemperaturen von bis zu 800 °C am Quarzglas erzielt die Anlage einen selbstreinigenden Effekt, sodass Reinigungsmodule, Wischer und Abstreifer überflüssig sind.

Optimarin shakes up BWT sector with unique promise for shipowners
Optimarin has a unique track record in BWT. It was the first firm to install a commercial system, back in 2000 on-board the cruise ship Princess Regal, and the first to attain full USCG approval. It now boasts more than 330 installed units worldwide, of which over 150 are retrofits, with more than 520 confirmed orders. It’s this history of operational success that has prompted the innovative move.
“We thought it was time to demonstrate our long-term faith in our system and absolute commitment to this segment,” Andersen explains. 
“No other manufacturer offers a guarantee of this nature, but we can. So, if a shipowner signs a framework agreement with Optimarin for installation on multiple vessels, we will provide them with a five-year contract that covers all parts and servicing, worldwide. This is our promise of reliable, safe and effective operations, and, with our total regulatory compliance, complete peace of mind.”
Optimarin’s powerful UV-based system is simple to maintain, with no moving parts, and easy to install on almost any vessel, thanks to its modular nature. In fact, just last month freight ferry operator Seatruck revealed its own crews had installed five systems themselves while its vessels were undertaking operations, with no need to dry-dock.
“That’s the essence of Optimarin,” Andersen comments, “we’re here to make life as simple as possible for shipowners. And that’s exactly what this guarantee offers.”
He continues: “It also comes down to delivering the best value. We know our system is significantly cheaper to design for vessels than competing technology. Similarly, due to its simplicity, there are minimal maintenance requirements, and it is considerably cheaper to install - full stop. We have fast track deliveries available for many sizes, meaning reduced waiting time, and we can’t be beaten in terms of global compliance. As an all round proposition – taking into consideration reliability, simplicity, installation, track record, price and service - we believe we offer something no one else comes close to. The guarantee is, quite simply, ‘the icing on the cake’.”
Optimarin has the backing of a stable group of investors, which, together with its considerable orderbook, allows it to implement such long-term plans. Its system (OBS – Optimarin Ballast System) is widely acknowledged as setting the standard for the industry. As proof of this, global ship management services and training provider Anglo Eastern has installed two OBS at its training facilities, one in Manila and one in Mumbai, to train crew members ahead of the IMO’s Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention coming into widespread force in 2019.
Optimarin customers include names of the order of The Royal Netherlands Navy, Saga Shipholding, Technip, GulfMark, MOL, Solstad Farstad, and Hapag Lloyd, amongst others. Its technology is fully approved by both IMO and USCG, with certification through DNV GL, Lloyd’s, RINA, Bureau Veritas, MLIT Japan, and American Bureau of Shipping.
4 - 7 September 2018
Hamburg, Germany

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