We deliver a complete ballast treatment
ystem, tailored to fit your needs and availble
space. A skid based solution is also available.
Read more about our components below.


We deliver a complete ballast treatment
ystem, tailored to fit your needs and availble
space. A skid based solution is also available.
Read more about our components below.

MS BREMEN receives UV ballast water system from Zeppelin Power Systems

Zeppelin Power Systems has installed an Optimarin ballast water treatment system (OBS) on board the MS BREMEN, on behalf of shipping company Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The BREMEN is the third Hapag-Lloyd Cruises cruise ship to be fitted with an OBS, following MS EUROPA and MS HANSEATIC.

The environmentally-friendly ballast water system from Optimarin meets the IMO D2 standard and therefore enables vessels to sail to all regions, even those with particularly sensitive ecosystems such as the Arctic and Antarctic. As a result, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises already complies with IMO international standards which will apply from September 2017 for the treatment of ballast water. 

By choosing to invest in the OBS 125-FS, the shipping company has opted for sustainable operation for the expedition cruise ship, with a resource-efficient, environmentally-friendly system that helps to protect our ecosystems.

Following successful onshore and offshore testing, the Norwegian BWT manufacturer Optimarin became the first company worldwide to request United States Coast Guard type approval in September 2016 for its environmentally-friendly OBS. Approval is expected by the end of 2016.

UV treatment for ballast water – low-maintenance and cost-efficient

The OBS 125-FS is designed for a maximum volume flow of 125 m³ per hour for ballast. The ballast water is first filtered and then treated effectively using a single medium-pressure UV light with a broad energy spectrum. Ballast water is treated reliably without the use of chemicals or biocides, and therefore helps to protect ecosystems. A self-cleaning effect is achieved through high surface temperatures of up to 800 °C on the quartz glass – as a result, there is no longer a need for cleaning modules, wiper systems or skimmers. 

At the shipping company's request, the system was installed with an additional remote panel so that it can be easily operated from the bridge.


Installation in parallel with planned dock times

During the project, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises was able to rely on Zeppelin Power Systems, who provided a full end-to-end service from selecting the components and liaising with the classification institute DNV GL, to preparing all documentation. To achieve this, Zeppelin Power Systems used the docking time planned for general ship maintenance work and renovations. 


Ballast water convention enters into force in 2017

Zeppelin Power Systems has been an official partner to Optimarin, one of the largest providers of ballast water systems, since 2014. The company has been active in the market since 2000 and since then has sold more than 600 systems, 250 of which have already been installed, and the remainder are part of fleet contracts. With more than 100 refitted BWTS, Optimarin is one of the leading providers in the retrofitting sector. The systems meet the IMO D2 standard and therefore the requirements for all conventional marine classification companies. 

The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention of the IMO) has been ratified and enters into force on September 8, 2017. This is the last date for all new ships to have a recognized ballast water system on board. The existing 40,000 plus ships worldwide must be retrofitted within five years. With the recent accession of Panama, 53 states, and therefore 53.28% of the worldwide commercial tonnage, have signed the Convention.

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