OptiLink can be achieved by connecting the “Optimarin Ballast System” to the vessel’s computer network. The connection is done using standard Ethernet (min. CAT5E) cable connected between OBS Control Panel and the computer network.


  • The Optimarin BTWS can be remotely controlled and monitored from wherever there is a network connection
  • The link is done with a standard web browser
  • Limitation: Only one connection can be active at the same time


  • Optimarin can update the Optimarin BWTS software
  • Optimarin technical department can help troubleshoot if problems
  • Optimarin can do remote training of personnel


  1. Optimarin requires a VPN connection (or similar).
  2. Vessel has GPS data connection to shore.
  3. Optimarin requires two available IP addresses on the vessels network. They must be decided prior to commissioning.