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Advantages of Optimarin’s Flow Pressure Valve

Optimarin always utilizes a high-precision control valve to have 100% control of both the flow and pressure in the system.

Key features:

  • Can build up pressure in a rapid – yet controlled manner –  for back flushing the filter. This means that the back pressure in the system can be kept at a minimum during normal operation. More pressure is built up only when needed. In challenging water conditions even more back pressure is automatically added to ensure quick recovery of the filtering element.
  • Can reduce flow in a rapid – yet controlled manner – in case of a lamp failure during operation. This means that the system will be in compliance with the Type Approval even with a lamp breakage (together with actuated UV Chamber valves).
  • 100% control of flow through the BWTS. The BWTS can be used even at lower flow rates than the ballast pump capacity.

The graph illustrates the fast and precise control of flow by using the Flow Pressure Valve.

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